In times of emergencies, it is frustrating to have no food storage or be left with food that has expired or damaged by the disaster. This emergency food review will help you choose the best emergency food supply companies that can supply you reliable, high quality and affordable survival food options.

In case of an unexpected natural disaster or if another pandemic happens, you will have to rely on your emergency food supply. This is why emergency food supply companies produce products that can withstand calamities and disasters.

Emergency foods, unlike regular everyday food, are meant to have longer shelf life to help you survive emergencies. While different emergency food supply companies offer products with different shelf lives, we will help you sort through all the different choices.

If you don’t know what emergency food to buy, we are going to explain what are the criteria to look out for and provide a review of the 5 best emergency food companies from which you can select the best emergency foods for you and your family.

For your emergency preparedness plan to be complete, it must be packed with survival foods that will help you survive the crisis.

Things to Consider when Buying Emergency Foods

Selection Criteria

The emergency foods you have and will buy should be able to meet these criteria in order to ensure that you can rely on them when a disaster happens. It is important to remember that food is one of the most important survival necessities when preparing for disasters and emergencies. There are many emergency food supply companies on the market. When you choose emergency foods for prepping, you should buy from reputable emergency food supply companies to make sure your food storage will live up to their claims in times of needs.

1. Storage and Handling Properties

Your emergency foods should not need refrigeration and should have a long shelf life. And it is important to rotate them every 12 to 18 months. Emergency foods should be replaced or replenished at least yearly to ensure that the quality of the food remains edible when eaten. Inspect them for damages and leakage. Canned goods are a perfect example of an emergency food since they do not require refrigeration and can be eaten as long as they are kept intact. You will find stocks from good emergency food supply companies will have fewer quality issues.

2. Safe for your Health

Check the ingredients of the emergency foods before purchasing it. It might contain ingredients you’re allergic to or might affect your health, especially if you have medical conditions and is advised to stay away from certain foods that might affect and worsen your condition. Consider special dietary needs for your family members and food stored for emergency must be nutritious. Emergency food supply companies should have their ingredients listed clearly on the packaging.

3. No Cooking Required

The best emergency food to purchase are those that do not require cooking because you will never know where you will be when an emergency, calamity, or disaster occurs. If you ever get stuck on a place where it will be hard to cook or where you cannot cook at all, you will be thankful if you have emergency foods that you can consume anytime without the need to cook. Not all emergency food supply companies have food that does not require cooking. Some of them provide dehydrated and/or freeze-dried food that can be reconstituted with water.

4. Long Shelf Life

Emergency foods such as canned foods can last up to 2 years, and the quality of the food depreciates after that. There are other canned foods that can last longer than 2 years so choose foods that have a long shelf life. Review products from various emergency food supply companies for shelf life specifications and make sure the emergency food you purchase is good for consumption in times of disasters.

5. No Utensils Required

It is still better to opt for emergency foods that do not require any utensils. When an emergency happens and a disaster strikes, you might not have any utensils with you. If you are new to prepping, do not forget to include them in your preparation. Certain foods from emergency Food Supply Companies are in packaging that you can eat from. In the event of an emergency, survival is first, dining etiquette is secondary.

6. Taste

You should also choose the best tasting emergency food for your survival so you can at least enjoy your meal in the middle of a crisis. It can lift your spirits in dire situations. Some of the best emergency food supply companies have absolutely delicious meal that you can enjoy even during normal times, such as Mountain House.

7. Price

Lastly, the price of the survival food should be appropriate for the value of the product. Be careful not to compromise the quality of the product by opting for cheaper options. Choose the right emergency food supply companies that provide good quality survival food packages with reasonable prices. Of course, you can also opt for the pricey ones with the highest quality if you can afford the budget for your emergency food.

Review of Emergency Food Supply Companies

Phil Augason established the Augason Farms after he was upset about the quality and selection of survival foods that were in the marketplace. His sole purpose of creating the Augason Farms is to help everyone during emergencies by producing nutritious products and releasing them into the marketplace.

Augason Farms is an emergency food supply company that ensures their products are both nutritious and tasty. They have a lot of freeze-dried foods products that makes them unique among other survival food companies, and also produce emergency food kits such as 24 hours kit, 72 hours kit, 1-week kits, 2-week kits, 30 days kits, 6 months kits, and 1-year kits.

The company has a wide varieties of emergency food products such as dairy products, meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables. However, the company does not produce any instant meals and may need a kitchen or a proper cooking material for you to use before you can eat their products.

The Emergency Foods they offer:

Freeze-dried foods, emergency food kits, dairy products such as milk, eggs, butter, four types of cheese, bean burgers, peanut butter, wheat, rice, macaroni, oats, salt, sugar, honey, bread and cake mixes, meats, fruits, and vegetables. They also have emergency meals for breakfast with six options such as granola and omelets for breakfasts, and 10 options for the entrée such as chili macaroni with beef and chicken alfredo. They also offer drinks such as coffee and fruit drinks.

Shelf life of their Products:

The freeze-dried foods such as meats and protein, grains and beans, and fruits and veggies all have 30-year shelf life while their bakery produce have 10+ year shelf life. Dairy products and eggs have a 20+ year shelf life. Their emergency breakfast meals have a 25-year shelf life, the same as their entrees.


Most of their products are in a can and when you open them, it has smaller pouches inside for convenience.


Their products are low in protein but high in calories and less sodium.

Pricing and Cost:

Augason Farms emergency food supply kits are cheaper compared to other brands and their freeze-dried meals are also affordable as well. For a cheap price, you can purchase their lasagna for $1.80 per serving and fettuccine alfredo for just $1.40 per serving.


Augason Farm has established itself as a good emergency food supply company you can rely on. The drawback is that most of their foods require cooking or a kitchen. Also, their food nutrition may not be suitable for some, so it is really important to check the food labels first before purchasing. Other than that, they passed our selection criteria and is one of the emergency food supply companies we refer for survival foods.

One of the emergency supply foods companies that offer the lowest price possible is Legacy Food Storage while providing good quality emergency foods. Other than their food products, they also offer other products such as fuel, water filtration, survival gear, and food storage. To make it short, you can rely on them for emergency food supplies for disasters or when calamities happen. This emergency food supply company also met our selection criteria. Their emergency food kits contain good varieties, especially if you’re looking for high calories food which can be essential to your survival when food quantities are limited.

The Emergency Foods and Products they offer:

Freeze-dried foods such as dairy and eggs, meats and proteins, fruits and veggies, and grains. They also offer emergency meals for breakfast, side meals and entrees. Their emergency kits are separated by servings and they also have bulk meal packages such as gluten-free and single buckets. If you want to shop by choosing from the food type, they offer protein, fruits, dairy, veggies, grains, and specialty items. They also offer a bug out bag for your pet by selling kits you can use for them.

Shelf life of their Products:

Their freeze-dried foods lasts 10-15-year shelf life, while their emergency meals have 25-year shelf life.


Legacy Food Storage offers a very convenient packaging amongst other emergency food supply companies as they use resealable bags for their food products and even if each bag is opened and not all of it is consumed, the product will still last a year even if the bag has been opened. They also come in heavy-duty buckets for easy storage and help the products last for years.


The food products they produce are all high in calories so if you are looking for survival foods that are high in calorie, this brand is the best for you. They also add sugar to their ingredients and have high sodium amounts per serving. In short, their products are tasty but not necessary healthy if you are looking for ‘natural’ products, so it is up to you to choose whether their servings are right for your health or not.


The cost of their products is also reasonably priced compared to other emergency food supply companies.


If you want emergency foods that are high in calories, then you would really want to purchase more of Legacy Food Storage’s products.

Valley Food Storage also met our selection criteria above and they offer a variety of food kits for your emergency situation! If you want an affordable survival food with decent nutrition, you should opt for this survival food brand.

They also offer a vast varieties of selections so you wouldn’t be stuck with just soups and other common survival foods. Depending on the calorie counts, there are 2 classes of products, basic and premium.

They have yummy and great food selections that makes them stand out amongst other emergency food supply companies with limited options. With clean freeze-dried foods that are GMO-free and have no artificial colors or flavors, if you are looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free products, this emergency food supply brand is the right one for you. They also have vegetarian options! 

Valley Food Storage also offers survival tools and gadgets such as knives, flashlights, water, etc.

The Emergency Foods they offer:

They have emergency food kits which are categorized by basic and premium. They offer 1-month kit, 3-month kit, 6-month kit, and 12-month kit and also an entrée only kit. Not all emergency food supply companies have veggie options, but Valley Food Storage offers a line of veggie buckets as well. You can purchase individual food ingredients from them such as freeze-dried foods consisting of dairy and cheese, meats, fruits and veggies. For their emergency meals, their breakfast meals have six options including oatmeal and pancakes while you can choose from thirteen options for their entrée meals.

Shelf life of their Products:

Their freeze-dried foods can last up to 25 years while their emergency meals can also last up to 25 years.


The products are placed inside a Mylar bag which can be resealed after opening with oxygen absorbers while their long-term kits are placed in a sturdy bucket.


Their emergency food products contain less sodium since they care more about the quality and nutrition of their emergency food products. However, that can mean that their food isn’t as tasty compared to other emergency food supply companies .


The price of their emergency foods are very competitive. They also offer discounts if you purchase $200 worth of their products or more. The more you pay for their products the bigger discount they offer.


if you want nutritious emergency foods that aren’t as tasty like other survival foods and want to choose from a healthy and economical variety, then this is the best company for you.r

This emergency food supply company is one of the oldest emergency food supply companies which is why it is not surprising to say that they are one of the most well-known brands when it comes to emergency foods and are often included in the list of emergency food reviews.  They offer simple and affordable freeze-dried foods and dehydrated foods that can be consumed outside and during emergencies.  However, when purchased individually, their individual meals and pouches are pricey. Their emergency food kits are affordable and have a lot of selections.

The Emergency Foods they offer:

The company offers emergency food kits and combination buckets. Their combination buckets include both breakfast and entrée options and have a lot of other tasty meal options such as stroganoff and alfredo pasta. They also have small starter kits and assorted buckets. Their freeze-dried foods include meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy and eggs, and shakes. Their emergency meals have 4 options for breakfast and 13 options for their entrée meals. They offer 72 hour kits, 1 month kits, 3 month kits, 6 month kits, 12 month kits, organic kits, gluten-free kits, breakfast kits, and entrée kits.

Shelf life of their Products:

Their freeze-dried foods have different shelf lives. The meats have 15 year shelf life, 20 years for the fruits, 25 years for the vegetables, dairy, and eggs, and 10 for the shakes. Both their breakfast and entrée meals have 25 year shelf life.


The freeze-dried foods are either packaged in pouches or buckets. They first put them in Mylar bags before putting them inside the bucket. Their packaging is very convenient and reliable.


The protein content of each meal is balanced, but the calories are low compared to other emergency food supply companies. Each product is low on fruits and veggies and most entrée meals are high in sodium.


Bulk buying the products in Wise Company will help you save money and make them affordable. If you plan to purchase individual pouches and entrée meals, it can be pricey.


This emergency food supply company is best for long-term food storage and their kits are affordable. Their emergency food products are high in protein and the kits have a lot of selections to choose from .


You can never finish an emergency food review without including Mountain House! This brand is also one of the most prominent emergency food supply companies that is always included in every emergency food review. They have established themselves as a giant amongst emergency food supply companies since 1969. One drawback, in our option, is that they do not offer bulk packages. Their meals contain real meat unlike other emergency food supply companies and have a high reputation in the industry because of their long history and their contribution to the production of high-quality emergency food products.

The Emergency Foods they offer:

They offer a variety of meat for their freeze-dried foods. Their emergency food offers dessert and has 6 options for breakfast, 21 options for entrée meals, and 5 options for dessert. They offer emergency food kits for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days and 14 days. They also offer buckets such as breakfast bucket, classic assortment bucket, and essential assortment bucket. Their most popular offer is the 3-day emergency food supply and 14-day emergency food supply.

Shelf life of their Products:

The meat has 30 year shelf life, as well as the breakfast and entrée meals they offer. Their desserts only have 2 years shelf life.


Mountain House uses different types of packaging such as pouches for some of their products. They also use cans and “pro paks” which are great for reducing weight and not taking up too much space. Pro Paks are very convenient to put in your bug out bags.


Since Mountain House focuses on the quality of their ingredients, this emergency food brand produces tasty emergency foods without having to add too much sodium and other chemical flavoring. Every serving has a lot of protein and nutrition but some are low in calorie count.


Mountain House products are undeniably higher compared to other competiting emergency food supply companies. However, consider the quality of their ingredients, the price is justifiable. All meal options with meat contain real meat the taste is superior.


It is great to include the emergency food products of Mountain House in your bug out bag. They might be expensive, but the food quality is superb and has high quality ingredients with high protein content. It has a long shelf life and has a lot of variety so when bugging out, it is the best meal option to choose from.

In Conclusion

Our criteria are prepared by our survival experts and you should take note of them. However, you can follow and create your own selection criteria when it comes to evaluating emergency food supply companies. After all, it is you who knows what is best for your unique needs and situations.

This emergency food review only serves as a guide and recommendation to help you choose the best emergency food supply companies. Each company may fit some of your criteria and you can pick and choose the right products to suit your needs.

In times of crisis, it is important to be completely prepared. Planning ahead of any disaster is essential. Prepare your bug out bag and emergency preparedness kit ahead of time.

Food is important. In the situation of a crisis, you must be well-fed to be able to plan your next move. These decisions could mean life or death.

Emergency food does not have to taste bad. Although taste can be secondary in an emergency situation, now you have some delicious options, why not have the best of both world?

These emergency food supply companies are here to help you navigate and survive extreme conditions and at the same time, make life a little more enjoyable in stressul situations.

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