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Hello, BestPreppingTips is founded by a team of outdoor enthusiasts and CERT team members. Our mission is to provide well researched information to help you through various emergencies.

Are you prepared for a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm, flood, or wild fire? How about other emergencies, like a car accident, home fire, pandemic, riot, even war?

We have become accustomed to many conveniences in our daily lives. In many cases, our lives depend on them, such as easily on demand electricity, gas, food, and water…. During an emergency when these readily available resources are no longer accessible, our lives and our loved ones’ lives become threatened,

Preparation is key to survival in these events. We are here to help you to be prepared in 2 critical areas: Knowledge and Resources.

Knowledge is knowing what to expect in an emergency, what to watch out for, and what survival skills are essential to survive when faced with extreme situations. Some knowledge is common sense while many others require forethought and special training.

Resources are items you’ll need for basic life sustainment and more. Not only will you need the necessary tools and gear during an emergency, when prepping, you also need to know which products are the best on the market. The quality of a product in an extreme condition can be the difference between life and death.

BestPreppingTips lays out information in alignment with both the Knowledge and Resource areas. Grouped under ‘How-Tos/Best Tips’, many articles provide detailed knowledge on how to survive various types of emergencies. For Resources, we present many well researched reviews of products that can help you through different kinds of emergencies. These are grouped under ‘Best Product Reviews’

The products we feature are the ‘Best Of’ in their respective categories. We do not set a fix number, e.g. 10 Best [product] for all the products, as some of the other sites do. Through our many hours of testing and research, we only present the ones that we believe are the best in class for their categories. Therefore, you will see 4 Best of [product A], 8 Best of [product B], so on.

Our website is designed to allow easy navigation through the vast knowledge base available here. We categorize our materials into 7 major areas: Prepping Tips, Prep/&Bug Out, Tools/&Gear, Foods, Survival Skills, and Self Defense.

Prepping Tips feature general knowledge to prepare for emergencies. Each of the other categories has 2 areas: ‘How-Tos/Best Tips’, and ‘Best Product Reviews’. You can choose the area you are most interested in at the time and quickly flip through the related materials. The search feature also helps you to pinpoint on your interests quickly.

There is a lot of knowledge available on our website. Please come back frequently to explore and get refreshed. The articles are reviewed often. They are updated to provide the most current information on the specific topics. Also, with new and improved products continuously coming into the marketplace, the review lists will also reflect the best choices as they become available. We will also post new articles as our world and our communities evolve. We work hard to be your best reliable source of ‘Best Prepping Tips’.

Thank you for putting your trust in us. We are honored to be your go-to resource in your journey of survival preparation.

Affiliate Statement:

In order to offset the cost running this website, we are associates of various marketplaces, such as Amazon, and manufacturers. When you click on the ‘check price’ link of a product that made it to the ‘best in class’ list and complete a sale, we receive a small commission or fee from the marketplace or manufacturer. There is no extra cost to you. The price of the product is the same whether you click through the link on our website or buy directly from the vendor externally, even Amazon. We appreciate your support of the website by completing your purchases via the affiliate links for these products.

Please be assured, we do not pick our ‘Best in Class’ recommendations based on any commission amount that may be offered through various marketplaces or manufacturers. The products reviewed are on the lists simply because they have proven to be the best in their categories based on our research and testing.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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