To cut to the chase, our review and vote for the best survival tent stove for camping is the Camp Chef Explorer, Two-Burner Stove. To learn more about survival stoves and tent stoves, along with seeing our top 6 survival stove and tent stove reviews, please keep reading!

Camping is fun! Until it gets really cold and wet, and you need to keep warm and keep your living area dry. That is why, if you get an opportunity to plan for a camping escapade or unexpected emergencies, a stove should be top on your list.

Starting a fire in the open can be a hectic task, sometimes unfruitful, especially in wet weather. But lighting a stove is way easier, especially when you carried your own fuel for better preparedness. It could be a tank or a canister containing propane or butane, or some wood.

If you are a frequent camper or a prepper, I’d highly recommend getting yourself one of the best survival stoves or best tent stoves in 2021. This review covers the top considerations for a survival stove, a tent stove, common stove problems and how to remedy them, the safety precautions for using one, and a review of the best 6 survival stoves in the market.

Top Considerations for a Survival Stove

Selecting the best survival stove or best tent stove in 2021 for camping or an emergency can be a daunting task. But the best choice may become apparent if the primary considerations were identified when shopping.

Cooking Arrangements

Are you planning for an emergency or a camping adventure? It will involve planning for the number of people you will be preparing meals for, the kind of meals you will be making, and the pots you will be using. Along with other gears you will carry, a tent stove is a great add-on. This determines the kind of stove you will opt for.

A small stove would be ideal if you plan to:

  • Do light cooking
  • Reheat prepared food
  • Boil water

You will need a stove with a larger cooking area if you are:

  • Using multiple fry pans and pots at once
  • Cooking gourmet meals
  • Serving a large group of people
  • Avoiding overcrowding


A camping stove can run on butane, propane, or wood. Propane is often preferred because it is readily available and inexpensive, and preppers can choose among the following:

  • The 1 lb. canister is small and convenient to carry
  • The 5 lb. tank balances longevity and portability
  • The 20 lb. tank lasts a long time despite being bulky and heavy

If you are going camping in your car, heavy-duty gas would be ideal. But if you are preparing for an emergency where you will have to navigate on foot, the less-heavier options will not wear you out.


Stoves with higher BTUs burn hotter than those with lower BTUs. An average burner provides a balance between power and fuel efficiency at 1,000 BTUs. But cooking for larger groups or cooking in windy or cold conditions requires more power.

Building Material

The durability and reliability of a survival stove depend on the material used to manufacture the stovetop, chamber, combustion chimney, and other supporting parts. Notably, the suitable materials are the ones that can withstand heat and last for a long time.

Preppers should consider buying stoves made of high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel, and a heat-resistant coating on top of it. It is also worth noting that stovetops made of cast iron redistributes heat efficiently and last a long time.

The Design of the Stove

A survival stove’s design influences its cooking efficiency and portability. Shoppers should pay attention to the design features. For instance, an integrated stovetop provides support for your pans and cooking pots, and makes cooking safe. Also, a two-door design enhances flame control. And if you opt for a larger stove, make sure that it has an abrasion-resistant insulated chamber.

Thermal Efficiency

An efficient survival stove is perfect for camping and emergencies, where you don’t want to waste your energy collecting heaps of fuel for cooking, boiling, and heating or run out of cooking gas. Opt for stoves with bigger chimneys and combustion chambers because they can produce more heat. And if you want to enhance the thermal efficiency of the stove, a heat ring would come in handy.

Size, Weight, and Portability

If your family is a bit bigger, a six to seven-pound stove is ideal for such large groups. It is recommended that you pick a stove that packs flat because it makes transportation much easier. But if you intend to use a car to transport the stove to your camping destination, then the weight doesn’t really matter. You can prioritize other features instead.

Common Survival Stove Problems

Understanding common survival stove problems equips you with the knowledge you need to avoid the issues, and deal with them when they arise.

Smokey Stove

Smoke can result from waste build-up in the flue damper, spark arrestor, or flue pipe. This limits the smoke from escaping as it should, and it might start leaking into the tent. Similarly, when the stove is not producing enough heat for the air to rise through the pipe, smoke can build up inside the tent. The solution is always to make sure that your flue pipe is clear of any waste.

Tent compatibility

Most tents allow users to fit a stove jack and use a tent stove inside of it. Spacious tents need more heat to raise the temperatures in them and keep the users warm. Also, conical-shaped tents heat up faster than boxy-wall tents. Large tentstoves can provide too much heat for a small canopy tent. Therefore, it is critical to match up your tent stove to the tent.

Stove Jack Misplacement

Some manufacturers pre-install stove jacks in their canvas tents. However, 80% of the time, the stove jacks are usually wrongly placed. It is better to take a few minutes to install the stove jack yourself. Just make sure that you mount it as close to the center of the tent as possible. The stove should be placed towards the side of the tent, towards the door. A good stove will not channel all the heat up the flue pipe; it retains most of it within the tent.

Saftey Precautions when Using a Survival Stove

As you shop for the best, it is also critical to prepare for any eventualities.

Water for Fire Extinguisher on Hand

Any time your survivalstove is lit, make sure that you have a supply of water or a fire extinguisher close by. This keeps you ready to put out a fire at all times.

Use a Spark Arrester

Sparks from your stove should not be allowed to travel out of the flue pipe because they can cause fire outside. It is vital to have an arrester that ensures that they are extinguished before they leave the pipe.

Keep Combustible and Flammable Gear at a Distance

Be sure to remove combustible items such as aerosol products and bug sprays nearby when using the stove. You should also keep flammable materials such as sleeping bags, books, and clothes far away from the stove.

Review of the Best Survival Stoves: 6 Top Picks

Below is a review of the five best survival stoves. It will help you make the best decision as you embark on smart shopping.

  1. Camp Chef Explorer, Two-Burner Stove

Best Survival Stove for larger Groups

This stove allows you to prepare just about anything since it comes with a variety of cooking accessories. You can use a grill box, an artisan oven, seasoned cast-iron cookware, and a cast iron griddle, depending on the cooking needs of your family or group. It weighs 36 lbs. with a dimension of 14”x 32” and a cooking height of 29”. The cooking area of the Camp Chef Explorer, Two Burner Stove, is 448 sq. inches. It’s also our best stove for power outage with 30,000 BTUs on each burner.


  • Powerful with 30,000 BTU on each burner
  • Adjustable/removable legs for easy setup on uneven grounds, portability, and storage
  • Durable burners made of cast iron
  • Has a three-sided windscreen to shield the flame from the wind
  • Has a big cooking surface
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Comes with a regulator and a 3 ft. hose


  • It only uses propane gas
Camp Chef Explorer, 2-Burner Stove

2. Fltom Camp Tent Stove, Portable Wood Stove

Best Survival Stove for Tent Use

This portable wood tent stove has a large firebox to accommodate as much fuel as possible and is our top pick for 2021. This best tent stove for survivalists and preppers gives its users a homy-feel, watching the flame through the heat-resistant glass. The chimney pipes and grill are made of stainless steel for durability. Fltom Camp Tent Stove, Portable Wood Stove has dimensions of 15.75” x 9.85” x 9.85” and is our best indoor survival stove which can also be used outside.


  • Safer because there are no open fires
  • Adds a cozy and warm feel inside the tent
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry with collapsible parts
  • Ample cook top space to cook a variety of dishes
  • Allows you to dry wet gloves and socks
  • Its pipes allow proper ventilation


  • Lacks a damper or spark arrestor
FLTcom Camp Tent Stove, Portable Wood Stove

3. BLUU MEGA Backpacking Camping Propane Stove

Best Survival Stove for Backpacking

With dimensions of 4.33” x 4.33” x 6.42”, BLUU MEGA Backpacking Camping Propane Stove uses windproof technology and an improved heat exchange technology. And in about 2 minutes, the stove can boil 0.5 liters of water in cold areas and extreme altitudes. When packed, the stove weighs only 14 oz. with dimensions of 4.53×7.3 inches. It is best used outside during survival situations.


  • Affordable
  • Can prepare food and drinks
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Flame control with a push-button igniter, an optimized gasket, and a simmer control
  • Safe and durable with an aluminum pot and a thermal insulation outer cover
  • Compatible with most brands of fuel canisters
  • Can use isobutene, butane, or propane fuel


  • It is not compatible with some brands of LPG canisters
BLUU MEGA Backpacking Camping Propane Stove

4. MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Ultralight Backpacking, Camping and Travel Stove

Best Survival Stove for Lightweight Backpacking

With an ultralight weight of just 2.9 ounces, the MSR PocketRocket with built in regulator and push start lighting provides great performance across large temperature ranges. It folds down into it’s own small easy carry stuff sack. Even with low fuel, this mini stove can boil 1 liter of water in 3.3 minutes and has improved wind resistance.  It uses an isobutane-propane ‘IsoPro’ fuel blend. You will need to purchase a fuel canister and a cookpot to get started. Not for use in confined spaces.


  • Best of the Best ratings in minimalist tiny carry backpacking Stoves
  • Can prepare food and drinks
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The Deluxe model upgrades over the standard original PocketRocket includes a regulator, and push-button Piezo igniter
  • Compatible with high performance all-season self sealing 80% isobutene / 20% propane blend fuel canisters
  • Designed for 4, 6 or 8 oz isopro threaded fuel containers. Can use larger ones with an adapter


  • Only comes with the stove itself, no fuel canister, stand, pot or accessories except the stuff sack.
  • May not work with all brand blended fuel canisters
MSR PocketRocket Delux Ultralight Stove

5. Marsh Kettles Camping Survivalist Prepper Flat Pack Mini Rocket Stove

Best Survival Stove for Single Preppers

This is one stove that allows you to assemble everything in under 3 minutes. And you don’t have to carry an LPG or charcoal – you simply gather some pinecones, branches, or twigs from your camping environment. Marsh Kettles Camping Survivalist Prepper Flat Pack Mini Rocket Stove feeds itself of fuel using gravity, and is very easy to ignite. This best prepper stove is suitable for outdoor use, on a chilled afternoon because of its open flame. It is only 6 pounds, and measures 8” x 8” x 1” when lying flat and 3.5 inches when erect.


  • It is lightweight and convenient
  • Easy to ignite
  • Easy to store and transport
  • It is easy to find its fuel


  • It isn’t stainless steel
Marsh Kettles Camping Flat Pack Mini Rocket Stove

6. Gas One GS-3900 New Dual Fuel Propane or Butane Portable Stove

Best Survival Stove for Emergency Preparedness

This survival stove has recorded a considerable number of satisfactory sales. The user can use either propane or butane fuel, and it is best used outdoors. If you opt for butane, the 8oz canister would be ideal. The 16.4oz propane cylinder can also be bought separately, but the cooker comes with its adopter hose. Gas ONE GS-3900P New Dual Fuel Propane or Butane Portable Stove has dimensions of 13 x 10 x 4 inches and weighs 4.22 Pounds.


  • It’s compatible with two different fuel types
  • Powerful heat output of 15,000 BTU
  • Dual spiral flame
  • Brass burner head
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic ignition
  • Heavy duty wind blocker
  • It comes with a carrying case
  • Has an automatic safety shut-off device that detects irregular pressure or flow
  • It has a safety leveler that prevents unwanted leakage by ensuring the butane canister is set correctly and locked
  • It has an in-built cartridge ejection system that ejects the fuel canister if it is giving irregular gas flow/pressure


  • The 8oz. butane canister compatible with it doesn’t last that long
Gas One GS-3900 New Dual Fuel Stove

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, the best survivalstove is one that aligns with your needs and performance expectations. You can find the best survivalstove for your emergency kit, for survivalist situations, for large groups, for backpacking, and for wood fuel. This guide lists each stove’s advantages and disadvantages to help you make the best decision. But our top choice remains the Camp Chef Explorer, Two-Burner Stove.

The choices shown here are based on honest customer reviews. Make an informed choice today.

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